Tandartspraktijk Hoefstraat in Tilburg

Thanks for singing up

Thanks for singing up

Welcome! | Dental Clinic Hoefstraat | Tilburg

Welcome to Dental Clinic Hoefstraat in Tilburg! Soon you will be called to schedule your first appointment. Please read the information below. We are looking forward to welcoming you at our practice!

Your first appointment

Please bring your ID and health insurance card to your first appointment. Do you have any dental records or x-rays from your former dentist? Please send them you by e-mail to: info@tandartspraktijkhoefstraat.nl.

Cancellation of appointments

If you are unable to attend, please cancel your appointment at least two business days (48 hours) in advance. This way we can use the time reserved for you to help other patients.

Billing informatrion

If you have got a dental insurance;  Anders Medical Factoring will send your invoices for Dental Clinic Hoefstraat. Login and manage your invoices on MijnAndersnota.nl. Patients without dental insurance are requested to pay by PIN after the treatment.